Refund & Return Policies offers a 60 day return policy that are returned to the company within 60 days from the date of shipment. There will be no refunds after 60 days from the shipping date.

Procedures for All Returns

The following procedures apply to all returns for refund, repurchase, or exchange:
• All merchandise must be returned by the customer who purchased it directly from
• Email our customer support at and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Number. Write the RMA Number in bold marker on the outside of each package being returned.
• Include the unopened portion of the product being returned in its original container.
• Proper shipping carton(s) and packing materials are to be used in packaging the product(s) being returned for replacement, and the best and most economical means of shipping is suggested. All returns must be shipped to shipping pre-paid. does not accept shipping-collect packages. The risk of loss in shipping for returned product shall be on the customer. If returned product is not received by the Company's Distribution Center, it is the responsibility of the customer to trace the shipment.
• No refund or replacement of product will be made if the conditions of these rules are not met.

Last Updated: September 17, 2011

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